Francobolli e Filatelia

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I primi Francobolli Cantonali di Zurigo


Quotazioni 4 rp

Lot 1812
Switzerland, Zürich, 1843, 4rp black, vertical underprint (Scott 1L1), tied by red Zurich rosette on small piece, excellent color and impression, margins vary from large to barely clear at top right, entirely sound and free of faults, Fine, an attractive example of an extremely rare Classic, with 2003 Marchand certificate.
Michel 1 I; €20,000 ($26,000). Zumstein 1W; 27,500 SFr ($29,980).
Scott $17,500.
Realized $6,490. 
Lot 1812


Lot 1813
Switzerland, Zürich, 1843, 4rp black, vertical underprint (Scott 1L1), neat red Zurich rosette cancel, large even margins, good color and impression; tiny translucency spot at bottom, otherwise Very Fine.
Michel 1 I; €20,000 ($26,000). Zumstein 1S; 27,500 SFr ($29,980).
Scott $17,500.
Realized $3,068.
 Lot 1813



Zürich, 1843, 6 rp black, vertical underprint (Scott 1L2)

Quotazioni 6 rp




Lot 1814
Switzerland, Zürich, 1843, 6rp black, vertical underprint (Scott 1L2), neat red Zurich rosette cancel, large even margins, sharp impression with clearly visible underprint lines; light vertical crease, beautiful Very Fine appearance, a most handsome example of this Classic Rarity, signed Brun, with detailed 1997 Renggli certificate.
Michel 2 I; €1,600 ($2,080). Zumstein 2S; 2,250 SFr ($2,450).
Scott $1,750.
Realized $590.
 Lot 1814




Lot 1816
Switzerland, Zürich, 1846, 6rp black, horizontal underprint (Scott 1L4), black rosette cancel (an unusual color for this issue), nice margins on 3 sides, close or touching at top; cleaned resulting in loss of most of the red underprint, Fine appearance.
Michel 2 II; €1,500 ($1,950). Zumstein 2W; 2,000 SFr ($2,180).
Scott $1,600.
Realized $236.
 Lot 1816

Quotazioni 2½ rp




Lot 1817
Switzerland, Zürich, 1850, 2½rp black & red "Wintherthur" (Scott 1L5), cancelled by neatly struck black "P.P.", fresh colors, large even margins with parts of the outer cutting lines visible on all sides, Extremely Fine, a world-class gem example of this classic, in magnificent condition and worthy of the finest collections, with 1997 Rellstab certificate.
Michel 4; €3,800 ($4,940). Zumstein 12; 4,500 SFr ($4,900).
Scott $4,000.
Realized $2,006.
 Lot 1817



I Francobolli Cantonali, Zurigo
PDF online con articolo

Falsi di Zurigo
Pagina web con alcuni esempi di copie (falsi) e descrizione delle caratteristiche dei primi francobolli (molte immagini mancano)

Casa d'Asta Dorotheum



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Francobolli e Filatelia
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